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Home december 3, 2013

3D Camera Visualizes Sound As Rings Of Light [Video]

A beautiful new art project uses technology designed to tackle sound pollution visually.

Work october 22, 2013

3D Printed Couture Takes Top Prize At The Dutch Design Awards

The stunning collection by conceptual designer Iris van Herpen provides a glimpse at the future of fashion.

Technology october 8, 2013

Colorful Maps Reveal Building Ages In Global Cities

Inspired by one another, graphic designers the world over have used datasets to create color-coded guides.

Advertising october 2, 2013

Coca-Cola Installs Pop Up Parks In Drab City Squares [Video]

The international company unfolds a grassy lawn to give a monochromatic city a splash of color.

Sustainability september 12, 2013

Concept Phone Made Of Detachable Blocks May Reduce Electronic Waste

Modular design makes it easy to customize this phone exactly how you want it

Design & Architecture september 9, 2013

Sensor-Laden Tunnel Reacts To The Pace Of Passing Footsteps

Interactive sculpture increases safety and gives pedestrians a chance to reflect as they pass through.

Advertising july 23, 2013

Public Plastic Chairs Look Like Giant Flowers [Pics]

Foldable chairs with movable petal-like seats provide useful seating and aesthetic design.

Innovation july 15, 2013

CCTV Camera Party Hats Call Attention To Government Surveillance [Pics]

Street art initiative addresses our dystopian reality in a whimsical manner.

Design & Architecture july 8, 2013

Solar-Powered Car Fits Family Of Four [Pics]

First energy positive car can also accommodate a whole family.

Work april 25, 2013

Gas Station As Public Light Installation [My Ideal City]

Dutch architects wants go encourage people to visit sites and interact with each other.

Technology april 8, 2013

Ben & Jerry’s Celebrates Local Heroes With Free Ice-Cream

A social media campaign aimed to give a new and deeper meaning to Free Cone Day.

Design & Architecture april 1, 2013

Abandoned Storefront Repurposed As Public Coat Check

The StadsGarderobe in the northern Dutch city of Groningen, provides a central location to store your personal items.

NL Architects propose Pool Houses for a Canadian Entrepreneur
Technology march 25, 2013

Trash Sculpture Turns Into Michael Jackson When Illuminated

Diet Wiegman puts a new spin on garbage by turning it into art when lit up by a spotlight.


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