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How the brain reacts to virtual reality visuals (Kernel)
Work march 7, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Neuroscience VR and Internet's Golden Age

Kickstart your day with hands-free wearables and Google Fiber Internet

Cities february 29, 2016

Emotion Tracking Could Change How Hollywood Makes Movies

Lightwave measured how audience members reacted to the emotional intensity of Golden Globe Best Picture Winner, The Revenant, using real-time biometric data

Mobile december 15, 2015

The Luxury of Digitally Disconnecting

Artists like Marina Abramović, as well as neuroscientists, are responding to a growing trend and desire to divert from our devices

Syndicated july 2, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Says Telepathy is Next Frontier for Digital Communications

At an online "townhall," Facebook's CEO fielded questions about the social network's latest tech ventures

Technology december 4, 2014

Virtual Chat Game Helps Vets Reintegrate Into Civilian Life

A gamified app helps soldiers practice communicating with people they care about

Technology november 13, 2014

Device Zaps Your Brain to Change Your Mood

With $13 million in venture capital funding, this start-up will create devices that can change your mood via Bluetooth

Arts & Culture october 27, 2014

Harvard's Online Neuroscience Course Educates with Enticing Animation

Engaging videos make fundamentals of neuroscience fun

Work october 2, 2014

Brain Sensor Cap Illuminates Colors of Thought

Animating technology lights up events such as NY Fashion Week, endorses 'extimacy'

Technology june 18, 2014

Brain Activity Monitor Sees Memories Form In Real Time

Breakthroughs in neuroscience could allow us to peer into our own minds like never before.

Syndicated january 14, 2014

Coffee May Be Able To Boost Long-Term Memory

One study claims that a cup worth of caffeine can help you create clearer, longer-lasting memories.

Cities november 5, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Square Stand becomes more widely available as 8% of US adults get their news via Twitter.

Gaming & Play november 3, 2013

PSFK’s Trending Topic: How Mind-Control Became Mainstream

The inclusion of neuro-feedback mechanisms have been popping up in ads, games, and toys.

Advertising september 16, 2013

A YouTube Video Controlled By Blinking For Uninterrupted Viewing [Video]

Virgin Mobile's latest campaign uses neuroscience and motion detection to create a unique experience.


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