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Technology october 30, 2013

Sensor Monitors Brainwaves To Shoot Hands-Free iPhone Footage [Video]

Neurocam identifies what the wearer is interested in and records that footage in GIF format.

Design & Architecture march 12, 2013

Wearer’s Mood Determines What Headphones Will Play

'Mico' by Neurowear are brain-controlled and select songs from its database based on how the user is feeling.

Work january 13, 2013

Strange & Fun Gadgets From The Floor Of CES [Video]

During our tour of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we came across some neat grown-up toys.

Partner Content november 4, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From an exoskeleton designed to helped the earthbound and astronauts alike to a DNA test to tell you if those crunches will work, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Technology september 24, 2012

Create Tailored Recommendation Map By Geotagging Specific Locations Using Emotions

New concept uses a headset and heart monitor to find out how you're feeling, and identifies locations by how you felt.

Home september 10, 2012

Appreciating The Small Things In Life & Neuro Communication Cat Ears [PechaKucha]

Today’s presentations from the Pecha Kucha archive include one that features interactive, wearable feline ears that respond to their wearer's thoughts.


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