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Retail september 29, 2016

Free Sneakers Given Out To Motivated Marathon Runners

Strava will give the shoes to athletes who run the second half of their race faster than the first

Innovation february 23, 2016

Breathable Fabric Uses Tiny Cells to Enhance Athleticism

Bio-skins could go mainstream with the advent of programmable textiles

IoT january 13, 2016

New Balance's Tech Line to Help Athletes Reach Their Performance Potential

With Intel and Google, a runner's watch will headline New Balance's Digital Sport division

Technology december 16, 2015

New Balance Develops Uniform 3D-Printed Soles That Adapt to Forces Underfoot

In collaboration with design studio Nervous System, the shoe brand used underfoot pressure data and a unique foam-like structure to construct shoes for all types of runners

Retail november 24, 2015

3D Printing Offers New Balance's Running Shoes a Level of Performance Once Unattainable

The shoe brand's midsole leverages the benefits of 3D printing for optimal balance of flexibility, strength, and durability

Cities january 30, 2015

New Balance x Tokyobike Collab Redesigns Cycling Shoes for City Riders

Offerings from the design team-up include limited edition bikes and footwear pairings

Mobile january 19, 2015

Find Retail Inspiration in Fitness Hubs, Building Blocks, and a Hotel in Midtown South [Retail Tour]

Explore trends from PSFK's 2015 Future of Retail Report in action along Broadway

Advertising march 14, 2013

New Balance 3D Printed Shoes Can Run In Races

The sportswear company has successfully had an athlete run a race in their custom built footwear.

Innovation november 5, 2012

Westin Teams With New Balance For Gym-Kit Library

As an extra amenity, Westin hotels teamed up with New Balance to lend shoes and clothes for $5 so visitors can workout during their stay.

Technology april 21, 2012

New Balance Store Uses Pick-Up And Play Video To Sell

Sports brand's new flagship outpost uses RFID to tell stories to browsing shoppers.

Retail april 17, 2012

New Balance Boston's Digital Community Board Gives Real-Time Running Updates

New retail installation featuring dynamic content launches close to the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Work october 3, 2011

Recycled Plastic Bottles Used As Sneaker Fabric

New Balance used a high-quality polyester material to create the upper for newSKY.

Technology march 1, 2010

New Balance 365 Campaign Fuses Content And Commerce

New Balance launched "New Balance 365" this week - an online marketing campaign in which they will run a unique short video clip daily, directed by experimental Swedish ad creator Jesper Koothoofd.

Work september 18, 2009

Sneakers Made From Scraps Have a Story to Tell: New Balance 574 Clips

New Balance Lifestyle has launched a campaign around a limited release of 480 of their 574 Clips running shoes in a direct attempt to solidify its standing with influential sneaker fans and bloggers.


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