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Syndicated august 26, 2016

Would You Wear Wool Shoes To Save The Environment?

As demand for wool shoes grows, a number of US footwear brands are heading directly to the source: the sheep pastures of New Zealand

Travel july 19, 2016

Crowdfunding Campaign Makes Private New Zealand Beach Public

Almost 40,000 people donated $1.7 million to buy the plot of land and keep it out of the hands of private owners

Syndicated june 9, 2016

Hangover Cure: New Zealand's 'Morning-After' Maid Cleaning Service

Startup claims to have been inundated after launching a service to clear up after parties

Design & Architecture january 6, 2016

Netflix Binging, Napping or Navelgazing? A Couch Molds Itself to Every Use

With comfort and function in mind, this all-in-one couch is a space-saver and a space-optimizer

Design & Architecture august 14, 2015

New Zealand Votes on a More Inclusive New Flag

The New Zealand Governmentnew ensures that the redesigned flag will pull away from its Union Jack origins

Advertising may 21, 2014

Beck's Ads Play Local Songs When Touched

Beck's promotes New Zealand Music Month with an interactive display campaign.

Work april 1, 2014
Work march 11, 2014

Playful Billboards Come Complete With Detachable Beach Gear

New Zealand soft drink maker L&P reminds people to 'hold onto summer', with ads that offer something special.

Technology february 18, 2014

Platform Calculates People’s Charitable Presence On The Web

Ever wondered what your ‘Giving Footprint’ is? A new project is encouraging consumers to find out.

Home february 5, 2014

Memorial Light Beams Shine From Post-Earthquake Homes

FINAL ACT is an installation that commemorates homes destroyed by the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Technology january 28, 2014

3D Printed Flowers Bloom When Inflated [Video]

“Blossom” investigates how we can create an organic, “living” form out of the digital process of 3D printing.

Innovation december 23, 2013

Oversized Book Lets Fans Step Into The Pages Of The Hobbit [Video]

Tourism New Zealand has installed a larger-than-life pop-up book at the premiere of The Hobbit.

Design & Architecture december 19, 2013

High-Speed Tube System Delivers Fast Food Right To Customers' Tables [Video]

Hungry patrons receive their burgers at 87 miles per hour.

Arts & Culture september 5, 2013

Walkway Disguised As Blue Sky Recreates A Building-Free City [Pics]

Camouflaged bridge offers new options for urban industrial design.


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