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[News] New York Times creates a long-term content strategy for virtual reality
Independent Newspaper Enables Users To Select The Information They Want
Work may 27, 2014

Mexican Newspaper Prints Breaking Stories On Bathroom Towels [Video]

Mas Por Mas created a paper towel dispenser that is connected to their news feed to increase traffic to their site.

Technology march 12, 2014

If Newspapers' Front Page Content Was Determined By People's Social Shares [Pics]

NewsWhip's experiment highlighted the articles most desired by newspapers' readers.

Sustainability january 18, 2013

The Wall Street Journal Targets 1% With New Magazine

The WSJ. Money extension of the weekend edition Magazine will serve as a personal finance guide for the wealthy.

Syndicated october 3, 2012

Springwise: Newspaper Announces Divorces To Friends And Family

The Divorce Newspaper is a Japanese innovation that helps broadcast news of a breakup quickly and efficiently to loved ones.

Technology september 17, 2012

Volkswagen Brings Newspaper Ad To Life With Vibrating Sensors [Video]

A clever ad campaign caused people's papers to shake when they turned to the page, but not all the feedback on social channels was positive

Design & Architecture july 4, 2012

Newspaper Unfolds Into A Functional Umbrella In Seconds

Paper, cardboard, and plastic waste can now be given a second life as rain protection.

Advertising july 2, 2012

NY Times Will Publish A Chinese Edition [Headlines]

The renown newspaper is launching a version in Asia.

Mobile december 27, 2011

Location Aware App 'Gamifies' Hyperlocal News Reporting [Future Of Gaming]

MePorter is a mobile news app that enables anyone to write, photograph, and record their own videos of local news as it happens and instantly share it with their social networks.

december 9, 2011

Virginia Tech Newspaper Used Twitter For Continuous Publishing [Headlines]

The university's paper was able to publish updates during and after the shooting via tweets, gaining 18,000 followers in a few hours.

october 4, 2011

‘Daily Mail’ Jumps The Gun On Knox Verdict With Embarrassing Results [Headlines]

The Mail Online reported that Amanda Knox had lost her appeal of a murder conviction, when in fact she had won.

Innovation october 4, 2011

Wall Street Protesters Have Released An Official Newspaper

Supporters for the Occupy Wall Street protest have released an official newspaper to explain their goals.

Design & Architecture september 27, 2011

Is Bloomberg Businessweek+ The Perfect Digital Magazine? [Headlines]

Based on its content, design, and business model, the weekly magazine available from the iPad app works.


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