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Technology june 16, 2016

Visa Gives Olympic Athletes A Contactless Payment Ring

The device works at NFC-enabled terminals and will be tested at Rio 2016

IoT march 3, 2016

Timberland’s NYC Store Hands Shoppers a Digital Cart

Iconic apparel brand blends physical and digital, with tablets and "tap walls"

Work february 29, 2016

5 Steps to Building a Digital Store Consumers Will Flock To

Few have outlined how to create a strategy for digitally integrated retail stores

Arts & Culture february 26, 2016

Like a Banana, Portable Speakers Could Do with an Added Layer

Peel back this speaker to listen to your favorite tunes

Work february 11, 2016

Unlock Your Car with a Fist Bump

Using NFC technology, you can hack your car into a bro-mobile

Retail november 19, 2014

The Future Of J.Crew [Future of Retail]

Strategy and design firm Slalom Consulting reimagine how the trends in The Future of Retail can be leveraged to reinvent a clothing retailer's in-store experience.

Arts & Culture april 30, 2014

NFC Sticker Brings Hardware Buttons Back To Touchscreen Devices [Video]

Dimple gives you one-touch control of your favorite smartphone functions.

Travel april 16, 2014

Future Business Class Will Let Passengers Customize Their Seat From Their Phone

NFC-enabled chair uses eye-tracking to control in-flight entertainment.

Innovation april 9, 2014

NFC Nails Could Change The Beauty Industry

Forget glitter. Get LED flashing fingernails for just $12.

Home march 14, 2014

NFC Sweatshirt Can Control Your Home From Its Sleeves [Video]

Zuzance hoodie wants to make wearable tech an affordable proposition.

Advertising december 26, 2013

Avery Dennison’s Global Creative Director On Getting It Right Before Making It Great [PSFK SF 2013]

Tim Voegele-Downing reveals some creative methods of tracking inventory.

Work november 17, 2013

Jared Schiffman: The Happy (Digital) Medium

Retailers' in-store technology shouldn't overcomplicate the shopping experience.

Advertising november 6, 2013

Implantable Chip Makes It Easy For Anyone To Become A Cyborg [Video]

This tiny device has the potential to give humans the ability to unlock their doors or log into a computer by a simple arm gesture.

IoT october 8, 2013

Is There A Future For Wearable Tech?

Industry veteran and design engineer conveys the story and logic behind the rise of these consumer-facing items.


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