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Advertising august 25, 2016

The NBA Is Releasing Two Original Shows To Stream On Twitter

The sports league announced a deal that demonstrates an interesting expansion of its content strategy

Advertising july 19, 2016

The Minnesota Vikings Are Getting A New High-Tech VR Fan Experience

The football team is offering a high-tech, virtual reality entertainment in their Vikings Voyage museum that's a part of their new stadium

[News] NFL will insert data chips into footballs for 2016 preseason games
Advertising may 27, 2016

Social Chats Transformed Into Musical Tracks

Bose fans on Twitter can watch their messages transform into recorded lyrics

Health march 31, 2016

NFL Athlete App Monitors Health Concerns

A way for athletes to check their health and avoid CTE

Untethering sports from TV, Twitter will stream NFL Thursday night football (Wall Street Journal)
Advertising february 5, 2016

How to Be the Smartest Super Bowl Fan in the Room

Microsoft, Uber, Domino's and more provide a range of ways to prep for Super Bowl 50

Advertising february 4, 2016

Quarterbacks Might Use Super Bowl 50 Virtual Reality Goggles

Virtual reality training tools stand to become part of an athlete's arsenal

Gaming february 2, 2016

Could the Microsoft HoloLens Kill the Stadium?

Augmented reality transforms living rooms into luxury sporting boxes

Design january 14, 2016

Protect the Athlete, Elevate the Game: A Solution to Sports-Related Head Injuries

Football helmet deforms upon impact, like memory foam for the head

Design december 30, 2015

World’s Most Advanced Football Uniform Will Have Players Chasing the Greats

Understanding that every tenth-of-an-ounce matters, The Nike Vapor Untouchable Performance System aims to make the term "light on your feet" an understatement

Gaming september 29, 2015

With Snapchat’s NFL Deal, Can It Compete With ESPN?

Snapchat partners with the NFL to provide exclusive fan and team coverage as bundled photos and video clips

Advertising october 24, 2014

NFL Players Campaign Against Domestic Violence in New PSAs

In an extension of the ‘No More’ movement, over two dozen NFL players participated in ads speaking out against domestic and sexual assault

Technology february 25, 2014

Redefining The Patient-Doctor Relationship Through Wearables

Embedded tracking technologies are monitoring people's health and performance, creating a free flow of information for analysis.


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