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Africa october 12, 2016

Mobile Service Warns Farmers Whenever A Flood Is Coming

The free app keeps track of rivers and streams in Nigeria, and sends out an alert if unsafe conditions occur

Technology june 15, 2016

Startup Prepares Africa's World-Class Coding Apprentices For Future Jobs

A new education platform trains the top 1% of tech talent from the largest pool of untapped talent in the world

Work december 9, 2015

Design Thinking Plays a Critical Role In Contributing to a Better Society

How design thinking impacts the social behavior of Internet users, leveraging emotion to create awareness for charitable and educational causes like Univision’s Key To Success

Syndicated november 11, 2013

Coca-Cola To Cut Off Suppliers Who Disrespect Land Rights

Drinks firm announces zero-tolerance policy on land-grabbing in developing countries.

Technology april 17, 2013

How Geolocation Is Saving The Developing World

In countries like Nigeria, the software can do more than just help its user locate nearby restaurants.

Luxury november 15, 2012

How Nigeria May Save RIM And The Blackberry

The Research In Motion technology outsold smartphone competitors this quarter in Africa's three major economies.

Design & Architecture november 8, 2012

Nigerian Teenagers Create Generator That Runs Off Urine

The 14 and 15 year old girls created the device, which provides 6 hours of electricity with 1 liter of the human bodily fluid, at Maker Faire Africa.

Cities november 11, 2010

How LG United Nigeria In Celebration

Chris Harrison explains how an international consumer brand is making itself relevant in Africa.

Innovation july 2, 2010

Monocolumn: Nigerian Squad Sent Off For Two Years

Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, has responded to his side’s poor performance at the World Cup by suspending the national team from international football.

Work february 22, 2010

Kehinde Wiley On Puma, Deitch, And The American Dream

Last week PSFK sat down with prolific contemporary painter Kehinde Wiley to discuss his recent collaboration with Puma in honor of the World Cup year.

Work february 12, 2010

T.O.Y.S. On Tour: Trash Transformed Into Art and Global Recycling

Tracing the footsteps trash leaves internationally, the T.O.Y.S mission transforms "junk" by renewing the socio-economic processes in Africa.

Arts & Culture december 15, 2009

Sesame Street Heads To Nigeria

Thanks to a five-year grant from the United States Agency for International Development, Big Bird & friends are flying to Nigeria to launch another African rendition of the popular children's education show.

Innovation january 30, 2009

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