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Technology february 15, 2012

Foam Ball Smartphone Accessory Lets You Play Rough

TheO is a smartphone accessory that protects users' smartphones in a foam casing that can be used with various apps.

Work november 22, 2011

Ed Cotton: Hackers Give Rise To New Ideas For Microsoft Kinect

A project is starting to give outsiders access to Microsoft's talent in order to accelerate innovation and drive development.

Home october 24, 2011

Hulu Plus Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS And Wii

The streaming service will be available later this year on the consoles, giving owners access to TV shows and movies.

Design & Architecture november 30, 2010

10 Innovative Kinect Hacks

Our guide to the first and newest "remixes" of Microsoft's $150 infrared laser depth sensor.

Retail july 27, 2010

SnapGoods: Localized Gadget Sharing Built On Trust

A hyperlocal service that allows you to lend things you don't use to people who will.

Retail may 20, 2010

American Heart Association Endorses Nintendo Wii

A medical non-profit organization has put its stamp of approval on a video game console.


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