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Financial Services july 19, 2016

How Proactive Security Creates A More Secure Future

The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs looks at how today’s consumers are generating more data than ever before

Mobile november 19, 2014

Lumia Phone’s Unselfish Selfies Collection Donates to a Good Cause

To launch the Lumia 735, Microsoft has introduced a fashion collection with a twist

[News] Microsoft to stop making smartphones and focus on differentiation
[News] Nokia reenters consumer phone market with Android operating system
Work november 19, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Nokia reenters the hardware game with a tablet, a Google engineer creates an algorithm for happiness and Fitbit goes to a sense

Technology october 29, 2014

Finalists in Nokia’s Sensing XChallenge Show Us the Future is Here

A camera that can tell you if you're sick and a robotic doctor built for space travel lead the pack in the Finnish brand's future tech contest

Design & Architecture may 23, 2014

Nokia Camera Sculpture Freezes New York City Moments In Time

30,000 images stitched together showcase NYC life with Matrix-style slo-mo photography.

Design & Architecture may 19, 2014

Microsoft Marks The Nokia Merger With A Tastefully Designed History Books

Instead of boring corporate imagery, this new brand book uses colorful illustrations and icons to mark the new union.

IoT may 6, 2014

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google same-day delivery comes to NY and LA, Target CEO steps down and how a Twitter photo could lead poachers to endangered rhinos.

Luxury april 29, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter tests new app, Comcast drops 4 million cable customers and Microsoft's first Nokia ad.

Innovation april 28, 2014

7 Stories You Need To Know Today

Netflix gets a cable channel, lab-grown human skin used for testing and Tesla's new car supercharger is in New Jersey.

Mobile february 12, 2014

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Nokia to release its first Android phone, Colorado tracks its marijuana and Taco Bell offers mobile ordering.

Technology january 28, 2014

Thermo-Reactive Billboard Shows Ad When The Temperature Drops [Video]

Nokia teamed up with Glove Love to promote the Lumia's sensitive touch screen.

Technology december 11, 2013

Specially-Designed Eyeglasses Place Google Glass In Regular Frames

Vuzix and Nokia teamed up to develop Waveguide optics, a technology product that fits smart glasses capabilities into standard eyewear.


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