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Travel march 4, 2014

How A Nineteen-Year-Old Redesigned The Domestic Airline System

Matt Voska created Flytenow which offers a low cost and eco-friendly way to travel in New England.

Innovation february 3, 2012

Smart Shirt Monitors Workouts And Tracks Your Progress

Squid is a sensor-equipped shirt that captures electrical signals created by muscle movement.

july 22, 2010

(Video) Using Twitter Data To Track Public Mood

The Happiness Map visualizes word usage on the micro-blogging platform to display the mental state of its users.

Design & Architecture july 16, 2010

Safety Helmet Scans For Head Injuries

A potential life-saving piece of gear for skiers and snowboarders.

Innovation may 13, 2010

Students Transform Plastic Waste Into Clean Fuel

A team out of Northeastern University is working on an emission-free power system.


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