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Design & Architecture march 28, 2013

Extra Space In Coca-Cola Crates Used To Deliver Medicine To Rural Regions

ColaLife improves conditions in developing countries by utilizing the beverage company's local distribution channels.

Technology september 10, 2012

Geolocated Tweets For Peace Hope To Create A Virtual Circle Around The Globe

A Lap Around The World will raise awareness for Peace Day.

Technology february 21, 2012

Facial Recognition Billboard Only Lets Women See The Full Ad

Intelligent advertisement in London can determine your gender and alter the content accordingly.

Advertising february 6, 2012

QR Codes Hairstyles Raise Money For Underprivileged Kids

Students have barcodes etched on the back of their heads to raise awareness for charity.

Arts & Culture january 23, 2012

DIY Space For Biohackers Fosters Open Sources Experiments

BioCurious fosters a community of science enthusiasts for collaborative projects.

Retail november 28, 2011

Online Store Combines Boutique Fashion With Charitable Causes

Shoppers can browse through high-fashion labels while supporting a good cause.

Luxury november 2, 2010

Nordstrom To Open Not-For-Profit Store In New York City

The upscale retailer will be testing out a smaller concept store next fall.

Work september 20, 2010

Creative Barcode: An Application To Protect New Ideas

A designer led not for profit organization offers a new application to take the frustration out of protecting creative work.


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