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Advertising april 25, 2016

Game of Thrones Opening Sequence Recreated With Paper

Notebook company pays tribute to hit TV show by creatively replicating the opening sequence

Design & Architecture april 7, 2016

Moleskine Paper Tablet Digitizes Hand-Written Notes

Designing an analog notebook for the digital age

Work february 20, 2015

Portable Furniture to Shelve Next to Your Moleskine

BOOKNITURE design provides furnishing relief for cramped urban dwellers

Technology december 11, 2014

Mod Paper Notebook Syncs To The Cloud

This notebook has a traditional thread bound design with a digital second life

IoT november 24, 2014

Moleskine, Adobe Team Up for Creative-Centric Notebook and App

The collaboration aims to simplify the creative process of using both paper and digital workflows

Technology september 16, 2014

Paper Notes Converted into Digital in Moleskine Notebooks

Livescribe Notebook combines innovative technology and style for a new note-taking experience

Luxury april 18, 2014

Moleskine's Evernote Notebook Shares Important Pages Minus The "Boring Meeting" Doodles

Now you control which parts of your notes get passed around the office.

Retail october 10, 2013

Moleskine Notebook Acts As A Physical Copy Of A Digital Photo Album

Format your notebook exactly how as you would like with photos and text.

Retail june 26, 2013

IKEA Unveils Its Own Stationery Shop [Pics]

Swedish furniture store brings their signature style to the world of notebooks and paperclips.

Sustainability february 27, 2013

Moleskine Unveils All-White Notebooks

A complete contrast to the classic black that provides a "blank canvas" for writers, artists, and creatives.

Sustainability february 15, 2013

Paper Made From Stone Will Save Trees

Ogami notebooks use Repap, an innovative material with a much more friendly carbon footprint than traditional paper.

Home december 10, 2012

Interactive Art Installation Encourages Writing In Library Books

German artist Christian Moeller creates a giant cloud made of 12,000 blank notebooks waiting to be filled.

Design & Architecture october 18, 2012

Moleskine To Launch Limited Edition Hobbit Notebooks

The notebooks are due to be released to accompany the upcoming film in December and feature images of the Lonely Mountain and Mirkwood.

Arts & Culture september 7, 2012

Moleskine Releases 'Audio Cassette' Inspired Limited-Edition Notebook

The notebooks feature a black hardcover with themed silver, green or red debossing that resemble a tape recorder and walkman.


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