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Work july 31, 2013

Joke Shop Sells Goods For The Advertising World [Pics]

Tools to make the average day of an advertising executive a little bit more humorous.

Technology march 3, 2013

Jonas Hoffman: Why Consumers Of Luxury Goods Come From Emerging Markets

SKEMA Business School Professor discusses who is actually buying high-end products.

Syndicated november 30, 2012

Is Gamification Over?

Gartner says that 80% of gamified apps 'driven by novelty and hype' will fail.

Technology april 25, 2012

Control Your TV With The Wave Of A Wand [Pics]

Wireless remote uses gesture-based technology to let you change channels or adjust the volume.

Cities april 1, 2011

Jamming NYC Illustrates The Power Of Enabling Simple Interactions

Industrial design student Hyeonil Jeong has installed a number of noise making devices in New York subways with exhortations for passers by to play the instruments as part of his thesis.


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