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Design & Architecture november 7, 2014

Calculator App with No Equals Button and a Delightfully Minimal UX

Version two of the minimalist Numerical app is launching on Nov. 13

Design & Architecture april 10, 2013

Typographic Furniture Collection Lets Owners Mix & Match Letters [Pics]

TABISSO's 'Typographia' offers lounge chairs that incorporate the alphabet from A to Z and numbers 0 to 9.

Work january 22, 2013

Foursquare Maps Out A Half Billion Check-Ins

The app's most recent social activity displayed on a world map.

Arts & Culture september 18, 2012

Scarves Detail The Demographic Data Of Various Countries [Pics]

Designer Reineke Otten rethinks stats into beautifully printed graphics and colors.

Technology august 6, 2012

Robot Buys Stocks Based On Superstitious Algorithm

An automated trading system with algorithms based on lucky days and numbers, and the lunar calendar.

Technology may 15, 2012

What Sparked Instagram's Rise To Fame? [Infographic]

What are the metrics behind the photo-sharing platform's success?

Technology september 20, 2011

Which One Has More Photos: Facebook, Flickr or The Library of Congress? [Infographic]

A new infographic describes the breakdown in terms of number of images owned by various social media outlets versus a major cultural institution.

Advertising september 5, 2011

Facebook Continues To Be The Most Powerful Social Media Site [Infographic]

The social networking giant still dominates other social media sites, like Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn.

Design & Architecture august 23, 2011

Hang Your Coat On This: Roman Numeral Hooks By Aminimal

The Brooklyn-based design studio creates coat hooks for those who fancy Roman numerals.

Work july 28, 2011

Physical Sculpture Of Your Data [Pics]

A new interpretation of our obsession with data brings together art and mathematics to create a unique installation.

july 28, 2011

Apple's iPad Is Dominating The Tablet Market [Headlines]

For every Android power tablet sold, Apple sells 24. Why is the iPad much more popular than Android tablet?

Technology may 26, 2011

Just How Influential Is The Drudge Report?

The Drudge Report is reliable source of specious arguments, and it has double the influence of Facebook for driving traffic to international news sources.

Design & Architecture may 2, 2011

Consumers Connect With Brands That Contain Likable Numbers

A number of experiments from the National University of Singapore and the University of Florida documents the influence of numbers on the liking of brands.


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