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Work november 16, 2016

Health Expert: Nutritional Meal Replacements Are A Solution To Corporate Wellness

Ample Foods Founder Connor Young explains why supplements are the next food trend coming to the workplace

Health november 14, 2016

Nutritional Biosensor Knows If You've Been Eating Healthy

One X Sensor measures your carotenoid levels by beaming a specific wavelength of color into your skin and determining your dietary needs

Health october 31, 2016

Startup Creates Meal Plans Based On Your Exact Body Type

Habit is a new company that creates dietary schedules based on what nutrients a person is lacking or is overindulging in

Fitness & Sport october 28, 2016

New Data Technologies Make Hyper-Personalized Training A Reality

The Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs looks at how analytics tools are being developed to optimize human performance across all industries

Syndicated august 15, 2016

Do Food Scares Really Change The Way We Eat?

Months after the WHO warned that it caused cancer, bacon is enjoying a sales streak. But it’s not the first time we have overcome our fears about foodstuffs

Retail august 9, 2016

Turn Your Fitness Data Into Customized Nutrition Plans

An advanced wearable system translates your entire exercise routine, weight and food habits into a customized eating plan

Technology july 25, 2016

Visualize The Data Around All The Food You Eat

A health-based platform is designed to deliver insights into what you should and shouldn't be eating

Technology june 29, 2016

Coca-Cola's New Service Helps You Find Healthy Food

The company's subsidiary, Del Valle, has developed an app to connect people looking for produce with growers who have extra stock.

Arts & Culture may 19, 2016

Pop-Up Gives Away Vitamin Supplements To Go With Your Bad Diet

How many vitamins would you need to make up for your fast food habits?

Mobile march 21, 2016

Track Your Diet with a Chew-Monitoring Necklace

Forget spending hours logging what you ate, let your mouth do the work

[News] FDA will reevaluate conditions for ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ food labels
[News] Nestlé breaks from industry standard to support lower sodium levels in processed foods
Innovation may 26, 2015

Exhibition Examines the Future of Nutrition—and New York Lunch Habits

Feed Me exhibition explored the relationship between food and health as seen by an expanding popup book illustrating the digestive process

Sustainability april 30, 2015

Reimagining the Food Label Using Tech and Beautiful Design

Sage offers creative visualization of food data to drive healthier understanding of groceries


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