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Technology june 20, 2014

Smartphone Scale Reveals The Nutritional Content Of Meals On-The-Go

Wellscale connects to mobile devices to provide information about your food.

Design & Architecture january 23, 2013

McDonald’s Offer Access To Nutrition Facts With QR Code Packaging

The fast food giant is rolling out a new global packaging design that offers information and communicates ‘brand stories’.

june 8, 2012

Unhealthy Food Used To Visualize The Amount Of Calories Consumed [Pics]

Interactive site 'Fat or Fiction' creates data visualization about calories, sugars and fat in a creative way.

Design & Architecture february 27, 2012

Digital Kiosk Helps Customers Eat Healthier At McDonald’s

The interactive display lets you view menu items, build your meal and read nutrional facts about the food.

Retail may 6, 2010

Future of Retail: Nutritional Information Through Data Visualization

Can better design help us choose healthier products?

Retail may 3, 2010

Future Of Retail: Product & Health Information Brought To The Forefront Of Purchase Displays

Information is being highlighted in the retail space to inform smarter decisions.

Innovation january 28, 2010

Nutricate Provides Nutritional Information On Receipts

Nutricate is a specialty organization that has been working to provide nutritional information on the receipts provided by food services.


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