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Work august 22, 2012

Upright Stool Design Wants To Do-Away With The Office Chair

Designer Martin Keen's back hurt from sitting at a desk all day, so he imagined a new way for people to spend their day at work.

Cities june 16, 2012

PSFK’s 2012 Design Week Review: Wire Furniture Is The New Wood

We round-up the most interesting themes and designs from this year's International Contemporary Furniture Festival and the surrounding exhibitions.

Design & Architecture june 9, 2012

Designer Lights An Entire Room Using One LED [NY DESIGN WEEK 2012]

Todd Bracher Design creates Virtual LED which gives off 784% more light using 3M technology.

Arts & Culture june 2, 2012

How A Chance Meeting Inspired An Entire Furniture Collection [NY Design Week 2012]

Brad Ascalon and Frederick McSwain had a concept, but no manufacturing partner. The Neal Feay Company decided to branch out from their typical business-line to help make their sketches a reality.

Arts & Culture june 2, 2012

Sculptor Transforms Vintage Radios Into Functional Amplifiers [NY Design Week 2012]

Jinsheng Wang completes his three year series of designs based on music and vintage sound equipment at this year's ICFF.

Retail june 2, 2012

Cardboard Clocks And Lights Mix Functionality And Aesthetic [NYC Design Week 2012]

Columbian start-ups amarillo2 and 2y1dea showcase eco-friendly, design-forward clocks and light fixtures.

Design & Architecture may 26, 2012

Experimental Clocks Visualize How We Percieve Time [NY Design Week 2012]

Joe Doucet's exhibit 'On Time' explores the notion of how we experience time, beyond counting seconds and minutes.

Work may 26, 2012

Live Workshops Give Viewers A Rare Look Into The Art Of Craft At ICFF [NY Design Week 2012]

Several designers at the Javits Convention Center decided to break-through the 500+ exhibitions by showing visitors how their products are made.

Home may 26, 2012

Bike Rack Park Bench Maximizes Outdoor Space [NY Design Week 2012]

Multipurpose furniture piece makes for the ultimate public works design.

Design & Architecture may 26, 2012

Reimagined Light Switch Covers Make Use Of Underutilized Space [NY Design Week 2012]

Modular covers on light switches create convenient storage spaces in the least interfering way.

Work may 26, 2012

Vitra Introduces Chair Designs Inspired By Extreme Sports [NY Design Week 2012]

The Swiss furniture company's new chairs evoke the undercarriage of a paraglider with a hanging, suspended seat.

IoT may 26, 2012

Playful One-Of-A-Kind Robotic Lamps Charm Crowds At Wanted Design [NY Design Week 2012]

UM Projects show off their quirfky and cute Craft System Lamps.

Design & Architecture may 26, 2012

Artistic Wallpaper Made From Vintage New York Transit System Materials [NY Design Week 2012]

Rollout created a line of contemporary wallpaper called 'Wanderlust: New York' that uses iconic imagery from the history of the NYC subway.

Innovation may 26, 2012

Designers Create New Meanings For Classic Tools [NY Design Week 2012]

'Tools For Everyday Life' pays homage to the simple design language of utilitarian products, but with a modern twist.


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