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Gaming & Play november 23, 2016

AR Kit Turns Any Table Into An Augmented Play Space

OAK is a customizable AR interface that lets you turn any flat space into an immersive experience

Design & Architecture august 8, 2013

Jukebox Bar Tables Play Neighborhood-Specific Tunes [Video]

A new piece of pub furniture is both functional and entertaining.

Work january 5, 2012

How One Young Designer Went From Fear Factor To Fashion Week

Hyden Yoo is an enterprising fashion industry ingenue who turned his game-show win into a mini fashion empire.

Home september 15, 2011

Q & A: French Design Team Surface To Air Touches Down in NYC

PSFK interviews Jeremie Roza, once half of the team of French arbiters of fashion cool, about his new store space.

Technology march 25, 2010

(Pics) A Monastery-Style Information Center

AEQUO has designed an information plaza in the Culture Campus Vleuterweide of Utrecht-Holland, using the interior space of a monastery as an inspiration.

Retail july 24, 2009

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