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Retail march 14, 2016

Activists Hack Products to Warn of Hefty Dangers

Stick it to harmful products with these DIY warning labels

Work october 9, 2015

Voluntary ‘Sugar Taxes’ Can Help Tackle Obesity

Brighton city council calls on shops to add levy to sugary soft drinks as part of campaign to drive down diet-related diseases

Retail september 2, 2014

Diners Can Go Halfsies to Solve Issues of Obesity, Food Waste and Hunger

Lose weight and do some good in the world by donating your leftovers

Mobile august 27, 2014

Active Kids Game Combats Obesity with Collectible Monsters

STOMPS is an Indiegogo project that encourages children to move by offering a fun incentive

Syndicated may 27, 2014

Tesco Bans Junkfood At Checkouts In All Of Its Stores

The UK supermarket aims to help customers make healthier choices.

Work december 2, 2013

Stress-Monitoring Bra Puts A Stop To Emotional Overeating

Undergarments lined with sensors monitor daily moods and eating habits.

Design & Architecture october 21, 2013

Overweight Avatars Provide Reality Check For American Men [Pics]

Graphic designer takes the spotlight off women and make men take a look at the state of their bodies.

Work july 19, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Promotes Exercise-Friendly Architecture To Fight Obesity

Designers are given a chance to help promote healthy living across New York City.

Mobile may 10, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

YouTube launches paid channels, Klout gets into Q&A and Amazon's success secrets revealed...links to start your day.

Gaming & Play may 9, 2013

Coca-Cola Vows To Spearhead Fight Against Obesity With Calorie Counts

Global drinks maker pledges to boost nutritional info and ban advertising aimed at children under 12.

Innovation april 30, 2013

Binge Eating Could Be Cured Using Deep Brain Stimulation

A new study involving mice, reported in the Journal of Neuroscience, suggests that the treatment could reduce obesity.

Luxury april 9, 2013

Should There Be A Travel Tax For Larger People?

The impact of a fat tax on airline passengers may have a series of unsavory consequences.

Arts & Culture march 12, 2013

Graphic Depictions Of Our Society’s Obsession With Food

Mathieu Frossard’s photography project ‘Fast’ will make viewers think twice about what they’re putting in their mouths.

Syndicated march 12, 2013

Why Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Didn’t Work

What all the loopholes would have meant in reality, had Mayor Bloomberg's controversial ban passed.


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