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Underwater Drone Expands Potential for Ocean Exploration

Design plans revealed for World’s First Underwater City in Japan

Hanging Lamp Glows Blue Thanks to Bioluminescent Bacteria

Decline in Ocean Wildlife Depicted Through Infographic GIFs

Skateboards Made Of Fishing Net Help Clean The Ocean As They’re Made

Deep Sea Drones Will Lead To Better Weather Prediction

Artist Creates Underwater Houses For Sea Creatures To Inhabit [Pics]

Giant Fish Sculptures Created From Plastic Bottles Glow At Night [Pics]

Puma Sponsors Bloggers To Create Branded Social Content For Sporting Events

Cleaning Product’s Packaging Uses Plastic Salvaged From The Oceans

Nike 6.0 Concept Combines Surfing With Environmental Protection

Underwater Art Breathes Life Into Depleted Coral Reefs

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