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Work october 6, 2016

PSFK’s Workplace Vision: Putting An End To Toxic Work Emails

Our Future of Work vision is a workplace document editor that flags any communication found to include questionable tone or content

Op-Ed august 21, 2015

David Slayden: Play is No Longer the Opposite of Work

Executive Director & Founder of a designer-founder accelerator presents a redesign of the 9-to-5 work day and how to best implement play into work culture

Work february 10, 2015

Office Color Scheme Hopes To Encourage Workers To Take Risks

Bangkok office designed as a motivational poster

IoT january 9, 2015

Standing Desk Changes Height By Placing Your Hand In The Air

Desk with LED ambient lights promotes a healthier connected workspace

Sustainability january 8, 2015

USB Light Indicator For Busy Colleagues In Open Office Environment

Luxafor device will minimize interruptions and optimize productivity within the workspace

Mobile january 5, 2015

Jawbone Enhances the Workplace with Data Driven Motivation

With Up for Groups, companies can gamify everyday activities to incentivize co-workers to be more healthy and efficient

Cities december 23, 2014

Lucy Farey-Jones: The Power of a Desk

How renting out office space at a discount has long term benefits to your business and the wider economy

IoT november 25, 2013

RFID Tic-Tac-Toe Board Keeps Office Staff Connected [Video]

Coworkers get to know each other through an innovative medium after a company merger.

Advertising september 20, 2013

Witty Workplace Wisdom Guide Helps Employees Survive Office Culture [Pics]

Ad agency publishes a book that provides hilarious insight into the modern business.

Advertising august 11, 2012

Redesigning The Idea Of ‘Time To Think’

Getting teams to spend quality time together on significant issues seems to be a challenge for most brands, but when extra hours are delegated, value is created.

Technology june 9, 2012

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

We review the best in design, culture, art and fashion and creative business in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Work may 23, 2012

Over 50% Of Workers Hate Open Office Plans [Headlines]

Noise levels have increased as walls have come down, prompting many to complain of 'speech privacy.'

Home april 21, 2011

The Hidden Threat Of The Chair-Based Lifestyle

In a world where we sit in chairs and stare at screens all day, with work extending itself into the night, our sedentary lifestyles continue to grow. But could this very act of sitting shorten our lifespan?


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