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Design september 1, 2016

Airbnb’s Tokyo HQ Lets Employees Feel Like They Can Work From Anywhere

This office design allows employees to travel the world just by going from room-to-room

Design august 24, 2016

Acoustic Lighting Enhances Privacy And Productivity In The Workplace

The fixture absorbs sound and promises a more serene office setting

Design february 10, 2016

Collaborative Desk Adapts to Laptops, Tablets and Your Meeting Schedule

The desk of the future remembers your preferences and syncs with your team's calendar

Design january 9, 2015

Standing Desk Changes Height By Placing Your Hand In The Air

Desk with LED ambient lights promotes a healthier connected workspace

Culture january 8, 2015

USB Light Indicator For Busy Colleagues In Open Office Environment

Luxafor device will minimize interruptions and optimize productivity within the workspace

Culture january 8, 2015

CES 2015: Re-Envisioning the Workplace of the Future With Penclic, Zonoff and Adonit

How a range of products bring the seamlessly connected office closer to the present

Culture december 15, 2014

What Will The Fitness-Friendly Office of the Future Look Like?

A new standing model turns the modern workplace upside-down

Design november 13, 2014

Sound-Absorbent Screen System Styled as Office Decor

Visually attractive panels make it easy to carve out an oasis of tranquilty

Design april 5, 2013

Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]

Bausch + Lomb's recently redesigned offices in Poland are inspired by research lab aesthetics and the company's main product.

Cities february 20, 2013

Agency Office Gets A Pop Art Makeover To Help Inspire Creativity [Pics]

To complement the new agency structure, JWT Amsterdam created large-scale graphics on their walls and different areas for certain office tasks.

Solar-Paneled Micro-Office Pods Let Workers Focus Anywhere

Free-standing mini workplaces offer an alternative to open-plan offices and co-working spaces.

Culture august 25, 2012

What Is The Future Of Work And How Can You Participate?

As part of our exploration into the Future of Work, we're asking you to share your ideas and experiences with us and the rest of the PSFK audience.

Design august 23, 2012

LED Ceiling Tiles Create A Virtual Sky For The Office

The luminous lighting solution recreates fluctuating conditions complete with passing clouds.

Cities august 15, 2012

Google’s New London Office Design Features British-Themed Spaces [Pics]

The search giant uses local inspiration to makeover its offices, with Union Flags in reception, rooftop gardens, a "granny flat" area, and allotments.


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