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Collaborative Desk Adapts to Laptops, Tablets and Your Meeting Schedule

Standing Desk Changes Height By Placing Your Hand In The Air

USB Light Indicator For Busy Colleagues In Open Office Environment

CES 2015: Re-Envisioning the Workplace of the Future With Penclic, Zonoff and Adonit

What Will The Fitness-Friendly Office of the Future Look Like?

Sound-Absorbent Screen System Styled as Office Decor

Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]

Agency Office Gets A Pop Art Makeover To Help Inspire Creativity [Pics]

Solar-Paneled Micro-Office Pods Let Workers Focus Anywhere

  • 10 january 2013
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What Is The Future Of Work And How Can You Participate?

LED Ceiling Tiles Create A Virtual Sky For The Office

Google’s New London Office Design Features British-Themed Spaces [Pics]

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