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Retail october 2, 2014

Beardbrand Oil Scents Based on Fragrances of Guilty Pleasures

The Four Vices Beard Oil is a mild scent combining notes of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis

Work july 31, 2014

Oil Company Gives Away Free Gas Made from Trees

The Gasoline of the Future uses leftovers from the Swedish forest industry to power vehicles and influence politicians

Sustainability may 31, 2013

Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

Luxury november 19, 2012

Radiant Energy Creates Healthy Deep-Fried Food Without Using Oil [Video]

Fryer uses new technology to cook foods with less fat and fewer calories.

Syndicated november 14, 2012

How The US Can Become World’s Biggest Oil Producer In A Decade

America could become self-sufficient, while 90% of Middle Eastern oil could go to China, according to new estimates.

Design & Architecture november 5, 2012

Designer Paints His Hands To Look Like Exotic Animals [Pics]

Using his knowledge of oil paintings and photography, Guido Daniele creates life-like renditions of wildlife on the surface and contours of human hands.

Technology may 25, 2012

The Motorcycle Transformed From Recreation Vehicle Into High-Tech Energy Solution

Michaael Czysz has been featured by the Syfy network as a designer to watch because of his electric motorcycle that eco-friendly and winning races.

Arts & Culture march 9, 2012

Biofuel Made From Malt Whiskey Developed In Scotland

Waste from distilling alcohol can now be converted into renewable energy.

Work october 4, 2011

Street Graffiti Meets 3D Art In ‘Street Allegory’

Shaka's oil on canvass is more than a painting, but gives its viewers a more realistic view of street art.

Sustainability june 16, 2011

Simple Cardboard Packaging Houses One Of The World’s Most Expensive Olive Oils

An unassuming cardboard design houses one of the most expensive virgin olive oil products in the world.

Innovation may 9, 2011

UK’s Auto Assoc Asks EU To Investigate Oil Market Manipulation [Headlines]

The British AA is to ask the European competition commissioner to investigate whether oil and petrol markets are being manipulated as Shell reports first quarter profits up 40%, making its global profits stand at nearly £2m per hour.

Home april 22, 2011

Artists Challenge BP-Gallery Relationship

The Liberate Tate group is questioning the ethical underpinnings of the arts being sponsored by the controversial oil company.

april 12, 2011

Goldman Sachs Signals End Of Oil Price Rises [Headlines]

The oil price tumbled by as much as $3.25 a barrel on Tuesday after the world's biggest commodity trader called the top of the market for crude and a range of other commodities – at least for the time being. The Guardian

Advertising march 23, 2011

Gallon To Gallon – What Products Compare To Gasoline? [Infographic]

Check out which popular items cost the same as today's inflated gas prices that we don't even bat an eye at.


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