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Technology october 10, 2013

Animated GIFs Convey Aging’s Effect On The Face [Pics]

Watch the shocking physical transformation that people go through as time passes.

Arts & Culture august 19, 2013

Emojis Inject Humor Into Traditional Artistic Masterpieces [Pics]

Classic paintings get infused with a modern form of communication.

Design & Architecture august 15, 2011

Personal Computers Are Becoming Obsolete, Says IBM Designer [Headlines]

Just like the typewriter, vinyl records and rotary dial telephones phased out as new technology emerged, IBM designer Dr. Mark Dean says the personal computer will be joining them soon.

Sustainability august 5, 2011

Ed Cotton: Upcycling Is Logical

As the earth runs out of natural resources, the price of basic commodities will increase and making it necessary for us to upcycle.

Cities july 6, 2011

Retractable Steering Wheel Makes Driving Easy For Everyone

TRW unveils a steering wheel idea that ensures comfort for drivers with mobility challenges.

Sustainability april 18, 2011

Renault Factory Repurposed As A 'Living' School

A former car plant in the north of France is being re-purposed as a sustainable learning center.

Technology august 12, 2010

Blogging Back In Time

The growing practice of "Paleoblogging" offers a refreshing alternative to typical digital content.


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