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Syndicated august 19, 2016

What Does Olympic Success Mean For Female Journalists?

The Rio Olympics have seen sportswomen in the spotlight but female sports journalists still find it hard to break through

Sustainability july 13, 2015

An Up-Close Look at the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Design

Created by Brazilian design firm Chelles & Hayashi, the torch expands heavenward once it receives the flame

Arts & Culture august 17, 2012

The London Olympics Were The Most Watched TV Event Ever [Headlines]

The Summer Games have set a new record in the States for the most watched program, with over 219.4 million viewers.

Luxury august 11, 2012

How Brands Could Have Approached Sponsoring The Olympics

PSFK chats with Kim Myhre, CEO of Project: WorldWide EMEA, for his take on how a business can still be relevant, and popular without being invasive.

Design & Architecture august 10, 2012

Photographer Gives Lost Tourists Directions To Olympics Venues In Exchange For A Picture

The "You Are Here" project focuses its lens on London 2012 tourists, turning eyes away from the glamour of Olympians and onto the people who watch them.

Technology august 10, 2012

Cadbury Measures Olympic Stats In Chocolate Products

The"Choculator" creatively leverages the spirit of the Games to engage consumers to interact with the brand.

Advertising august 7, 2012

Tiny Radio-Controlled MINIs Retrive Olympic Javelins From Field

One quarter sized MINI Coopers are helping out at the London Games in a creative marketing move by BMW.

Technology august 7, 2012

One Week Into The Olympics, NBC Delivers 75M Video Streams [Headlines]

The news network has recorded an extreme rise in viewership compared to past Olympic games.

Technology august 7, 2012

Netflix Usage Drops 25% Due To Olympic Fever [Headlines]

The movie streaming site reported a 25% decrease in viewings this past Sunday as the London 2012 Games steal viewers' attention.

Cities august 7, 2012

Are The London Olympics An Economic Failure? [Headlines]

Despite hosting the summer games, the city of London is curiously empty of visitors, prompting one economist to claim that the Olympic Games were an economic failure.

Innovation august 4, 2012

Come Enjoy The London Olympics At

Join us as we trend the best of best in advertising, fashion, design and tech in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Advertising august 3, 2012

NBC To Break Even On Olympics [Headlines]

The major news network expects to suffer no losses, but no gains on its coverage of the London 2012 Games.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2012

8-Bit Montage Of The Sports At The Olympic Games [Video]

Animation production studio Flikli has created a retro 8-bit video of all the sports at London 2012.

Technology august 2, 2012

Yet Another Athlete Banned For A Racist Tweet [Headlines]

A second Olympian to be banned from competing for tweeting racist comment.


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