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Technology august 30, 2016

Japan Wants To Make 2020 Olympic Medals From Recycled Electronic Waste

The Tokyo Games could showcase the first-ever gold, silver and bronze awards made from discarded phones and computers

Retail august 19, 2016

How Samsung Is Keeping Olympic Athletes Connected In Rio

Athletes have been given special edition phones to promote the spirit of the games with friends and fans

[Inspiration] Designing a representative flag for the Refugee Olympic team
Technology august 18, 2016

How Olympic Athletes Visualize Their Performances With Biometric Sensors

GE strapped LED biosensors to gymnasts, runners, cyclists and more to capture their precise movements

Fashion august 15, 2016

Connected Athletic Shoes Help Golfers Perfect Their Swing

Originating from Samsung's Creative Lab, IOFIT can sense your weight transfer and provide information on what you are doing wrong

[Stat] 61% of BBC’s online Olympic viewing is on mobile
Fashion august 15, 2016

Oakley’s Olympic Shades Help Athletes Perform

A new set of specially-tinted shades are designed to filter light and create an artificial color spectrum optimized for sport

Media & Publishing august 11, 2016

Watch Olympic Fencing In Full Virtual Reality

Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Gear VR headsets will have access to 85 hours of programming during the Rio Olympics

Design & Architecture august 8, 2016

Christian Louboutin Designs Outfits For Cuban Olympians

Athletes will have chic non-performance footwear for formal occasions including the closing ceremony

Syndicated august 5, 2016

What Does Olympic Sponsorship Mean In The Digital Age?

The Rio 2016 Olympics offers brands and agencies the opportunity to draw large audiences and capture the public mood

Arts & Culture august 5, 2016

The World Welcomes The First Refugee Team In The Olympics

Ten athletes will come together to represent over 59 million displaced people

Gaming & Play june 16, 2016

Drones Are Giving A Behind-The-Scenes Look At What’s Powering The Olympics

GE takes viewers behind-the-scenes with a live stream of what's enabling the events

[News] Lululemon creates performance apparel for the Rio Olympics
[News] H&M creates performance-focused sports line with Swedish Olympic Team

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