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Work february 5, 2014

Dan Gilmour: Why Blogging Will Never Die

Why the popular phenomenon is something all writers -- academic, journalistic or creative, should implement in a responsible way.

Innovation october 22, 2013

Why Silicon Valley's Tech Hubris May Be Its Undoing

Big Tech is an economic powerhouse that could use a history lesson to prevent repeating past mistakes of booming industries.

Mobile august 15, 2013

Dan Gillmor: Did NY Times Make Major Error Turning To Facebook?

Newspaper's server problems shows that everyone needs a Plan B, independent of third-party hosts.

Retail july 5, 2013

Dan Gillmor: Is Microsoft's New OS Worthy Of Its Competitors?

Debating the worth and competitive edge of Microsoft products from Window 8.1 to Xbox to the Office Suite.

Advertising june 25, 2013

Would People Buy Tech Products That Promised Greater Privacy?

As Silicon Valley becomes an important player in government spying programs, there is a growing market for truly secure devices

Home april 18, 2013

Dan Gilmor: What Is CISPA?

Cyber-security is a real problem, but Congress' latest bill tries to solve it by attacking the freedom of the internet.

Work april 8, 2013

Dan Gillmor: In Our Digital World We License, Not Own

Corporations and lawmakers have put us on course for a world where consumers do not own the things they buy.

Home february 15, 2013

How Tech Is Changing TV Content And Viewing Habits

Our second-screen behavior is actually changing what providers are offering to viewers.

Innovation january 3, 2013

Dan Gilmor: Andrew Sullivan Relaunches 'Daily Dish' Under Subscription Model

The popular blogger's has made the decision to quit the Daily Beast and make the Dish part free, part subscriber-paid.

Retail september 27, 2012

Dan Gilmor: Who Is Winning The Battle Between Apple And Google Maps?

Guardian columnist tells us that if we upgraded your iPhone to iOS6 and got lost because of the map app, we're the collateral damage in a monopolists' war.

Arts & Culture september 4, 2012

Is Ownership Meaningless In The Digital Era?

As Bruce Willis has reportedly discovered, your ebooks and i-tunes last as long as you do and essentially no longer.

Gaming & Play june 20, 2012

Dan Gillmor: Why Microsoft's Surface Is An Engineering Feat

Forget 'iPad killer': Apple's still ahead with its app-friendly iOS. But Microsoft's new tablet deftly marries hardware and software.

Work june 7, 2012

A Look Back At The Life Of Science Fiction Great Ray Bradbury

The Guardian's Dan Gillmor reflects on the life and influence of the speculative fiction author who wrote Fahrenheit 451 and passed away at the age of 91.

Luxury april 26, 2012

Can Asteroid Mining Help To Sustain Our Planet?

Why we need to think about colonizing space as we run out of room and resources on Earth.


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