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One Laptop Per Child
Innovation july 17, 2013

Yves Behar Designs Educational Tablet With Topics Instead Of Apps [Pics]

The XO Tablet has a kid-friendly interface where the main screen is organized around what children would like to be when they grow up.

Technology january 10, 2012

One Laptop Per Child Release $100 Tablet [Headlines]

Cheap tablets for developing countries are set to be unveiled at this year's CES.

Work october 6, 2011

Live From PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO: Yves Behar Of fuseproject

Yves BĂ©har of fuseproject discusses how brands should shape their business models based on the consumer experience.

Mobile october 11, 2010

(Video) A Human-Powered Mobile Phone Charger

Modder Ben Heck has created a simple and sustainable DIY power source for cellphones and other small devices.

Design & Architecture july 9, 2010

Why Humanitarian Design Might Not Be Successful

Is humanitarian design coming from Europe and America seen as a new kind of imperialism by poor Asian and African countries?


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