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Mobile july 25, 2016

Pokémon GO Players Can Now Go On PokéDates

Project Fixup has launched a new service that lets players of the AR game meet up over their shared Poké interests

Arts & Culture april 29, 2016

Bar Provides An Exit Strategy For Patrons On Bad Dates

This UK bar has a built-in strategy for women who need to bail on uncomfortable meet-ups

Arts & Culture april 25, 2016

Would You Share Your Tinder Matches With Your Coworkers?

Social dating app's most recent update includes a share button

Technology april 4, 2016

Online Dating Software Uses Facial Recognition To Help Find The Perfect Match

This platform delivers potential lovers in 30 second video chats

Online dating helps improve the bad habits of traditional courtship (Washington Post)
Technology july 27, 2015

The Right One is Just a Six-Hour-Old Selfie Away

Dating app 7heaven only accepts selfies that are 6 hours old, ensuring your online date looks like their profile pics

Op-Ed january 20, 2015

Jeff Fromm: Why Tinder Was Victorious over the Millennial Conquest Scene

Young adult dating scene changed through a mixture of connectivity, convenience, and contemporary trends

Technology june 19, 2014 Uses Facial Recognition To Find Dates That Look Like Your ‘Type’

How the dating website is staying one step ahead of the dating game.

Work june 4, 2014

Fake Tinder Account Turns Sexts Into Men's Health Education

To promote sexual health awareness, ad students created a Tinder profile for a fictional nurse.

Mobile march 17, 2014

How Berlin Is Revealing The Darker Side Of The Digital World

The Transmediale festival that highlights art, technology and digital culture, embarked on a critical examination of the Internet.

Innovation february 5, 2014

Data Hack Reveals Tips To Optimize Online Dating Profiles [Pics]

Wired dishes secrets from online dating, offering men and women a peak inside the little black book.

Luxury january 6, 2014

Facial-Recognition App Lets People Identify Passersby By Their Online Dating Profile

A Google Glass app that closes the distance between strangers.

Advertising january 3, 2014

TV Show Matches Up Fans To Lead Characters' Fake Tinder Profiles

"The Mindy Project" makes a strategic marketing move in order to increase its audience.

Work november 25, 2013

Dating Service Creates Fake Girlfriends, Complete With Virtual Proof

For less than $10 a month, you can finally commit to a relationship.


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