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[Stat] 60% of people will share an article on social media without reading it
Work june 19, 2014

MIT Media Concept Gives Storytellers New Ways To Structure Context

FOLD is a context creation platform that's reimagining how online journalism is presented.

Technology june 1, 2011

The Future Of News: Is The Article An Archaic Luxury?

Jeff Jarvis examines the role of articles in our digital generation.

Technology october 5, 2010

A Guinness World Record For Blogging

Engadget has announced that their staff writer Darren Murph has officially been declared the most prolific professional blogger in the world.

Advertising march 16, 2010

Twitter Announces @Anywhere Platform

The @Anywhere platform will allow other sites to integrate the Twitter experience directly onto their sites, without having to direct their audience back to Twitter.

Technology february 23, 2010

The Role Of Curation In Journalism

What should a modern newsroom look like?

Technology february 5, 2010

BBC's Shareable, Re-Mixable Online Pilot Show

We recently stumbled onto the BBC's R&DTV - a pilot show built for the internet era, and designed to be shareable, remix-able and redistributed.


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