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Technology may 17, 2013

Google Rolls Out New Music Streaming Service To Rival Spotify

The subscription service offers millions of songs from Universal, Sony, and Warner Music for $9.99 per month.

Gaming & Play february 11, 2012

Indie Music King Fears Its Getting Harder To Trust The Internet [Social Media Week]

Chris Kaskie, the president of Pitchfork, speaks about how in an age of growing internet "noise" he's attempting to provide a reliable source of information.

Retail november 30, 2011

Best Buy Uses Location-Based Marketing To iPhone Users

U.S. retail giant utilizes geo-targeted ads within the mobile app Pandora.

Arts & Culture november 21, 2011

Why 200+ Record Labels Vanished From Spotify [Headlines]

A study indicated that the popular music streaming service discourages people from buying music.

Technology september 29, 2011

Let Others Cure Your Emotional Baggage With A Song

A new web service allows users to submit a problem in return for a peer-suggested song that could cheer them up.

Arts & Culture september 22, 2011

Indie Labels On Spotify Only Make 4 Cents Per Album Play

Indie bands and artists on Spotify aren't making enough to be sustainable. As a result, a lot of indie labels are quitting the service.

Technology august 11, 2011

Walmart To Shutter Its Online Music Download Store

The large corporation informs customers they will no longer be able to download music from its online store.

Arts & Culture june 22, 2011

Facebook Looks To Online Music Services For Future Integration

The Social Network is on the hunt for a music platform to incorporate itself into to provide a social music experience for its users.

Work april 6, 2010

Doc Martens Digital Campaign Reinvents Brand's Punk Past

Dr. Martens is marking its 50th anniversary with a digital campaign that celebrates its musical roots, while connecting with the musical and stylistic preferences of a more contemporary audience.

Mobile march 8, 2010

5 Lessons From Pandora's Path To Profitability

Looking deeper into Pandora's history and success offers some key insights and lessons into how a brand can succeed in winning customer loyalty and engagement profitably.

Gaming & Play october 15, 2009

MySpace Wants its Cool Back

A new executive team at MySpace is trying to reignite the brand by focusing on entertainment - music, videos and games - as users leave for "cooler" destinations.


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