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Travel september 21, 2016

How Open Data Is Making Our Cities More Efficient

A new collaboration between the EU and Japan is looking to support the development of smart cities with a cloud-based shared platform

Home july 31, 2015

Google Maps Gets You There, Walkonomics Gets You There Beautifully

The Walkonomics app will help you find more scenic walking routes along tree-lined streets (and avoid the dreary ones)

Innovation january 6, 2013

Rachel Haot: My 2013 Prediction, Open Data Will Save Lives

With the New Year upon us, we ask New York City's Chief Digital Officer what she thinks will dominate in 2013.

Arts & Culture september 13, 2012

Artist With Brain Cancer ‘Hacks’ His Medical Records To Create Opensource Art

Salvatore Iaconesi, a data artist and TED fellow, has converted his records into open formats and invited doctors, designers, and hackers to send him their cure.

Technology april 24, 2012

How Open Data Benefits Non-Profits [Headlines]

Embracing data can help charitable organizations increase their impact.

Partner Content december 9, 2011

Trends For 2012: Digital Services Innovator On Leveraging Open Data

NYC's Rachel Sterne says that entrepreneurs are going to be able to improve people's lives and society.

Innovation may 19, 2011

Can A Festival Become A Living Lab For Innovation?

FutureEverything Festival provides an example of how inspirational congregations can become hubs for ongoing innovation once the right infrastructure is enabled.

Work may 9, 2011

Craft & Data At FutureEverything 2011's Data Dimension

As open data gathers pace we can look to artistic explorations for indications of the trends which may emerge.

Gaming & Play april 28, 2011

Open Data And Emergent Digital Horizons At Future Everything 2011 [Event]

Open Data, Emotional computing, the digital self and the integration of digital technology within our cities are all topics on the agenda for the FutureEverything Festival

Arts & Culture april 12, 2011

Singapore Experienced Through Real-Time Data

Does 'Live Singapore!' and other urban data projects help us understand our cities better?

Gaming & Play april 11, 2011

Budget Climb: Kinect Gets Physical With Data Visualization

Eyebeam's new challenge suggests new avenues for designing engaging visualizations.

Technology april 5, 2011

The Visible Human Project: Open Data And Our Digital Fingerprint

Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott's beautiful 12:31 photo series questions posthumous data rights for executed prisoner Joseph Paul Jermigan.

Sustainability march 15, 2011

Blossom Bristol Brings Farmville To Farmers' Markets

Mobile Pie have combined game mechanics and open data into a social gaming platform which encourages engagement with real world information.

Cities march 10, 2011

Open Data Mashups Provide New Way To Navigate Bristol City

Recently published information affords map enhancement which illuminates under-appreciated obstacles like cobblestones and hills.


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