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Culture september 2, 2016

Create Music On Your Web Browser That Looks As Good As It Sounds

BlokDust is an open source project that works like digital legos for notes and effect

Ai july 8, 2016

How AI Can Make Your Travel Planning Simpler

Hipmunk is a company utilizing artificial intelligence to give travelers relevant and timely assistance

Design march 3, 2016

Doctor’s Business Card Measures Holder’s Heartbeat

A Hungarian ECG company puts real-time pulse on a business card

Home february 11, 2016

What If Your iPhone Had Wheels and Eyes?

This tiny bot could be what takes consumer home automation to the next level

Design december 15, 2015

Designing a Drone Better Suited for Safety and Shoving

Armed with computer vision and a spherical case for its propeller, this drone will make for friendlier skies

Retail december 8, 2015

Bakery Sends Real Treats in Exchange for Website Cookies

Swedish bakery is an open-source cookie alert that sends you a voucher to trade for real cookies

Culture july 27, 2015

Oven Inspired by the Past Points to Future of Manufacturing and Dry-rubbed Beef

Pyramid-shaped Project Pyra is an advanced, modular grill that stands as a monument for direct digital manufacturing

Home june 26, 2015

Google Listens In On You With Audio-Snooping Code

Privacy advocates claim always-listening component was involuntarily activated within Chromium browser, exposing private conversations

Innovation may 28, 2015

Push-Button Device Gives Those Who Can’t Speak Power to Communicate

Dustin's Words device lets people express their needs to caregivers through push-enabled texts

Advertising april 30, 2015

Post-Humanist Billboards are Glimpse into Berlin’s Future

The “Do We Dream Under the Same Sky” exhibition highlights how Germany's capital could be transformed by the Internet

Cities april 29, 2015

3D-Printed Nests Bring Birds Back to Urban Environments

Open source, customizable bird feeders are being created by a global community called Printed Nest

Cities january 27, 2015

Urban Waterways Beckon for Compact and Sustainable Houseboat

Entry into the open source Paperhouses project combines house with urban boat

Design january 26, 2015

Open Source Speaker Records in 3D Sound Via Smartphone

Boom Boom personal home speaker adds 3D recording capabilities, ups its long-term value

Design november 17, 2014

Open-Source Sailing Ship Applies Wind and Solar Power

The Greenheart Project is modeled after tall sailing ships, but applies modern technology to potentially revolutionize shipping


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