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Work february 23, 2016

Augmented Reality Book Requires No Apps or Glasses

By merging technologies, this DIY system overlays imagery directly onto surfaces

Cities april 28, 2015

3D Printers Create Undulating Landscape of Gabriel García Márquez Musings

Think Big Factory brings the Colombian master's magical realism 'off the page' as only he could

IoT january 29, 2015

Cast Projections From The Rear Of Your Bicycle At Night

A weekend's work will let you install the Cycle Chaser - a dynamic bike light that project patterns of light

Design & Architecture december 23, 2013

3D-Printed Sound Comes To Life With Augmented Reality [Video]

The future of music is looking bright for the visualization of sound waves.

Technology august 20, 2013

Watercolor Paintings Made Using Code

The artistic medium is given a digital reworking by designer, Kenichi Yoneda.

Innovation june 26, 2012

PSFK Job Picks: Creative Coder - Rockwell Group

If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. Here’s a new job at the Rockwell Group, just listed on the service.

Arts & Culture may 21, 2012

Draw An Interactive Synth Control Panel On A Piece Of Paper

A simple blank sheet is transformed into an usable interface using simple programming.

Gaming & Play january 10, 2012

Interactive Kinect Installation Transforms Kids Into Virtual Puppeteers

The interactive puppetry experience, Puppet Parade, allows children to use their arms to control larger than life creatures projected on to the wall in front of them.

Technology november 9, 2011

Face Detection Photobooth Snaps Pictures Of Manwolfs

Built in openFrameworks, a webcam tracks your position and a camera is triggered when you match the desired expression.

Work october 27, 2011

New Tech Helps Users Point And Seamlessly Connect With Multiple Surfaces

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the co-founder of teehan+lax, whose product let you control screens you encounter with your smartphone.

Advertising july 22, 2011

Kinect Hack Composes Music Video In Real-Time

No post-production effects are added to this video, everything happening on singer Olga Bell's face takes place in real-time.

Arts & Culture april 7, 2011

Become Your Own Souvenir With Kinect

A clever hack in the form of an art installation uses custom software and 3D printing to create a souvenir sized version of the visitor.

Technology february 16, 2011

Exploring Memory And Perception Through Flickr

German artist Matthias Dörfelt uses openFrameworks and images from the photo sharing service to create a remarkable installation.

Design & Architecture june 9, 2010

Making Pottery Without Touching It

Virtual artisanship is made possible by the use of software that tracks hand movement and printing methods that mimic age-old techniques.


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