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A Kitchen Hides In This Newspaper’s Classifieds Page

Magic Eye Music Video Hides 3D Images With Optical Illusions [Video]

Honda Ad Swaps Special Effects For Real Optical Illusions [Video]

Restaurant’s Facade Simulates Continuous Sunlight [Pics]

Eerie Makeup Portraits Reveal Model’s Multiple Faces [Pics]

Skatepark Glows As A Canvas For Lighting Display [Video]

Wall Clock’s Numbers Are Only Visible From Certain Angles

Floating Chair With Sliced-Off Legs Defies Gravity [Pics]

Dimpled Glassware Doubles As A Kaleidoscope [Video]

Child Abuse PSA Delivers Encrypted Message Only Kids Can See

Luxury Men’s Magazine Features Optical Illusion Portraits [Pics]

Volkswagen Opitical Illusion Concept Car Tricks The Eye [Pics]

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