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Advertising april 12, 2016

A Digital Poster Allows You To Conduct An Orchestra With Your Phone

The Budapest Festival Orchestra lets passers-by create their own entertainment

Arts & Culture october 28, 2013

Will Google Glass Replace Music Stands For Classical Performers? [Video]

Musicians no longer need sheet music when playing, thanks to this new technology.

Work september 22, 2013

Creating A Winning Design Concept For Jawbone’s Connect Up Contest

PSFK interviews the winner of the Jawbone Connect Up design contest.

Mobile september 22, 2013

PSFK Announces The Winner Of The Connect Up Design Challenge

Congratulations from the Labs team and Jawbone to the authors of the best innovative ideas powering the connected home of the future.

IoT september 16, 2013

PSFK Announces The People’s Choice Winner Of The Connect UP Design Challenge

The people have decided on the Orchestra concept from Mr. UX, but the grand prize and runner up have yet to be announced.

Arts & Culture march 12, 2013

Miniature Orchestra Conducted By Mice Plays Lullabies [Video]

The 'Orchestra Da Camera' creates unorthodox melodies as the randomized movement of the mice affects their versions of classic tunes.

Technology december 14, 2012

Gesture-Based Email Gets Rid Of Inbox Clutter [Video]

A mobile app that treats mail like a to-do list to quickly organize all folders and messages.

Innovation november 13, 2012

Composer Invites City Residents To Collaborate On Symphony

Tod Machover is inviting Totonto's 2.6 million inhabitants to become composers.

Home november 13, 2012

Nokia Hires Orchestra To Create New Ringtones

The company's Sound Design team chose the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra to play the music when creating 25 classical tones.

Design & Architecture october 26, 2012

Artist Handcrafts Single Instruments That Sound Like An Orchestra [Video]

Diego Stocco custom built a set of musical contraptions that have multiple functions.

Technology october 24, 2012

Orchestra Plays Symphony Composed of Tweets

Participants can compose their music on a special campaign site and the best tunes will be played live on October 26th.

Work may 25, 2012

Laptops And Coffee-Maker Create An Electronic Symphony

Denys Sanz and Marco Domenichetti, programmers from Barcelona, create an 'Home Electronics Orchestra' (OOEEVV) that explores the idea of music and culture.

Arts & Culture september 27, 2011

Floating Forecaster Turns The Weather Into A Physical Visualization

Not only does Poietic's Floating Forecaster visualize weather it is also interactive and can play music.

Technology october 1, 2010

(Video) iPad Street Musician

A musical app allows for virtually any traditional instrument to be played on the tablet computer.


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