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Design & Architecture january 3, 2014

Origami Children’s Book Unfolds To Tell The Story

'Aventures d'un village' reveals eight different stories, depending upon the way that the reader opens up the page.

Arts & Culture december 19, 2013

Children’s Book Unfolds Like Origami [Video]

A storybook with no words, only creases and pictures.

Home november 11, 2013

Huge Origami Carpet Explores The Possibilities Of Paper [Pics]

The A4 carpet, made of 20,000 sheets of paper, shows how standard products can be used in alternative ways.

Design & Architecture october 22, 2013

Colorful Posters Double As DIY Lampshades [Pics]

Affordable posters that transform into light decorations, masks, or even totem poles.

Technology august 13, 2013

Samsung’s Easy-To-Assemble Origami Printer

The Origami printer is a prototype that simplifies the manufacturing process and makes the device more environmentally friendly to dispose of.

Design & Architecture august 9, 2013

Origami Paper Puppies Take Kids Offline [Pics]

One way to keep kids amused without a computer screen.

Arts & Culture july 25, 2013

Accordion-Like Paper Clothing Is Completely Wearable [Video]

3D garments that can adapt to the movement of your body created using origami.

Design & Architecture june 19, 2013

Origami-Inspired Magnetic Furniture Snaps Into Place [Pics]

The Playtime Collection is made out of layers of wooden triangles that lay flat when unfolded and join together with magnets and clips.

Work april 30, 2013

Zaha Hadid Debuts Fortune Cookie Chair

The architect unveiled a design in Milan that is constructed from a single circular plastic sheet.

Technology january 29, 2013

Origami Comic Book Film Depicts A Modern Western [Video]

Edson Oda's ‘Malaria’ combines lots of different artistic touches to create a visually stunning 5 minute film.

Retail september 17, 2012

Interactive, Kinetic Clothing Display Demonstrates How To Wear The Latest Collection

For Japanese clothing brand Issey Miyake, design firm Drawing & Manual created a storefront window to show off the intricate folds and flexible designs of their clothes.

Work september 13, 2012

Origami Typography Street Art Adorns Museum Exterior [Pics]

Art group 'The UpSideUp' combined different styles to make an installation outside the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Arts & Culture september 11, 2012

Inflatable Scarves Inspired By Origami [Pics]

Monomatopee's new fashion accessories can be changed from one shape to another with a breath.

Work august 7, 2012

Origami-Inspired Whiteboard Folds Instantly To Fit In A Pocket

Portable noteboard turns any space into a conference room.


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