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Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Ads Turn Bus Shelters into Video Game Arenas

Rotating Park Bench Ensures You a Dry Seat in the Event of Rain

Google’s Nest Pop-Up Art Installation Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Electric Hydrofoil Offers Environmentally-Friendly Water Fun

Netflix Launches New Outdoor Advertising Campaign with Responsive GIFs

New York’s Street Art Museum Creates Love Letter Billboard Series

Inflatable Solar Lantern a Sustainable Mood-Lighting Solution

NYC Tourism Posters Encourage Inter-Borough Exploration

Enter Old Navy’s Giant Contraption That Turns Selfies into Balloon Art

FIAT Uses Weather-Specific Guerrilla Ads to Promote 2015 SUV

London Bus Shelters Converted into Twitter-Activated Vending Machines

Prepare for Weather, Wilderness and Zombies with a Compact LED Canister

  • 13 october 2014
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