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Innovation november 14, 2014

Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Ads Turn Bus Shelters into Video Game Arenas

For new video game franchise, Microsoft re-engineers out-of-home advertising

Design & Architecture november 14, 2014

Rotating Park Bench Ensures You a Dry Seat in the Event of Rain

Designer imagines sustainable inventions for the public space for all seasons

IoT november 14, 2014

Google’s Nest Pop-Up Art Installation Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The company set up a translucent cube to raise awareness of the invisible and silent killers that can be found in one's home

Technology november 7, 2014

Electric Hydrofoil Offers Environmentally-Friendly Water Fun

Quadrofoil watercraft transports families at fun speeds without gas and oil pollution.

Advertising november 4, 2014

Netflix Launches New Outdoor Advertising Campaign with Responsive GIFs

Iconic scenes from movies appropriate to the environment are popping up even faster than their unique content

Work october 30, 2014

New York's Street Art Museum Creates Love Letter Billboard Series

GOOD Cities project creates billboard street art featuring three New York City-based artists.

Sustainability october 29, 2014

Inflatable Solar Lantern a Sustainable Mood-Lighting Solution

Seven seductive colors infuse any camping trip with much-needed atmosphere

Luxury october 29, 2014

NYC Tourism Posters Encourage Inter-Borough Exploration

'See Your City' campaign aims to bring locals outside their boroughs

Retail october 21, 2014

Enter Old Navy's Giant Contraption That Turns Selfies into Balloon Art

The Old Navy #Selfiebration machine is a giant device that turns Twitter selfies into ephemeral, blown-out portraits

Home october 20, 2014

FIAT Uses Weather-Specific Guerrilla Ads to Promote 2015 SUV

Rain-activated activation heralds the updated Panda Cross

Advertising october 17, 2014

London Bus Shelters Converted into Twitter-Activated Vending Machines

Frito-Lay brand Walkers Crisps gives passersby free packs in return for sending out tweets

Technology october 13, 2014

Prepare for Weather, Wilderness and Zombies with a Compact LED Canister

The durable flashlight/beacon/compass-in-one is packed with survival necessities

Work october 10, 2014

Google’s Mobile Campaign is New York’s Own Scavenger Hunt

The Mountain View, CA tech giant's advertising hidden in NYC folks' favorite spots

Sustainability october 9, 2014

Volkswagen Rabbit GTI Upcycled into a BBQ Grill

An Imgur user left no part to waste in turning an old car frame into a stylish and fun charcoal-using device


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