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Work december 16, 2014

Companies are Profiting From (Outer) Space

The new space race might be between corporations

Design & Architecture january 15, 2014

3D-Printing Enables The Blind To Experience Outer Space Through Touch

Scientists have converted 2D Hubble space images into tactile models, allowing the blind to feel the stars with their hands.

Innovation june 18, 2013

Startup Sends Crowsdourced Texts Into Space To Reach Extraterrestrials

Lone Signal invites the public to send SMS to the cosmos in hopes to contact aliens.

Arts & Culture june 13, 2013

Welsh-Designed Space Suit Injects Local Culture Into Every Item [Video]

The Space Campaign finds a cosmic context for the culture, skills and traditions of the small country.

Luxury august 28, 2012

Intel iQ: Programming Rovers On Mars From 100 Million Miles Away

How did a team of NASA scientists actually get a one ton robot onto the red planet?

Advertising july 13, 2012

Virgin Galactic Launches Commercial Space Flights [Headlines]

The airline is launching a satellite business that includes a mid air launch system.

Technology december 27, 2011

Futuristic Social Game Makes Astrophysics Fun [Future Of Gaming]

Astronaut, Moon, Mars And Beyond’ is a web-based, massive, multi-player online game intended to grow interest around science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Advertising december 13, 2011

Adidas Tries On Its First Russian National Soccer Jersey In Space [Video]

Astronaut Sergey Volkov shows his support from the International Space Station.

Advertising september 1, 2011

Domino's Pizza Plans To Open A Restaurant On The Moon

The latest in a series of out-of-the-box makreting ideas Japan President, Scott K. Oelkers, explains how this feat will take place.

Design & Architecture september 30, 2010

A Beer Brewed For Zero Gravity Drinkability

A specially designed brew for the emerging space tourism market is scheduled to take to the skies in a number of atmospheric test flights.

Luxury august 26, 2009
Work august 14, 2009

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