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Technology april 26, 2013

Nike Helps People Share Photos Of Their Workout

FuelBand users can now take snaps while they're on their run in the park and share them with friends on Facebook.

Mobile april 24, 2013

Augmented Reality Brings 3D Street Art To Life [Video]

A new dimension has been added to make graffiti interactive, enabling people to see virtual objects or additional info.

Home march 11, 2013

Augmented Reality Info Overlaid On Objects And Buildings

PAR Works' technology lets you scan cars and structures to see relevant details about them.

Design & Architecture october 15, 2012

Interactive Tabletop Display Shows Shared & Personal Image For Each Viewer

PiVOT is a personalized view-overlay that is meant to encourage mixed-focus collaborative tasks.

Cities september 2, 2011

Wajam’s Location-Based Searches Let Your Friends Recommend Results

A new search feature pulls links and favorites from your social network when you search by locations.


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