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Retail october 21, 2016

LYNK & CO Is A New Auto Brand That Promises Mobile Connectivity On Wheels

Online access and mobility sharing are driving the company to disrupt the auto industry

may 23, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter launches Lead Generation Cards, teens not concerned with ad data use and Glass will be a huge market.

Sustainability december 11, 2012

Playground Made From Recycled Apartment Items

The space will be made from items donated from neighborhood dwellings to evoke a deeper sense of community.

Work september 5, 2012

Disruptive Model For Education Envisions UK Students As Creators [PSFK London]

Debbie Forster of non-profit 'Apps for Good' trains students to identify challenges that are important to them and develop mobile apps in response.

Technology december 1, 2010

Access Beats Ownership In The Age Of Cloud Computing

A couple of recent ideas point to how the development of cloud computing has impacted the way we think about storage and ownership.

Arts & Culture august 18, 2010

Creative Commons Licensed Money

Artist Seiji Ueoka's artwork blurs the relationship between copyright laws and ownership.

IoT january 25, 2010

Transient Artwork Continually Sells Itself On eBay

'A Tool To Deceive And Slaughter' is a piece of artwork that comments on ownership by powering its own continual exchange via eBay.

Arts & Culture november 23, 2009

Follow Up: Lessons from Illegal Music Downloads

To curb illegal music downloads, The Economist argues that it is more effective to offer alternative ways of distributing music rather than focusing on litigation and suing users.

Arts & Culture march 23, 2009

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