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Design & Architecture may 27, 2014

Chamomile Tea Packaging Changes To Show The Calming Effects Of The Herbal Drink

BOH's tea bags turns stressful symbols into their calmer counterparts when steeped in hot water.

Design & Architecture march 18, 2014

Packaging Shows Exactly Where On The Animal Your Meat Comes From

New packaging for Barcelona meat shop Corella leaves no confusion about what you are eating.

Work october 30, 2013

Design Tool Overlays Imagery Onto Surfaces In Real-Time

Illustrator plugin that gets rid of the tedious process of creating physical prototypes and mockups.

Luxury october 22, 2013

Zaha Hadid And Karim Rashid Design Luxury Alcohol Bottles

Internationally renowned designers lend their talents to creating one-of-a-kind containers for wine and vodka.

Home september 6, 2013

Color-Changing Lid Alerts Drinkers To Scalding Beverages

The Smart Lid is a disposable packaging design that provides a visual cue to a hot drink by turning red if the contents are likely to burn.

Advertising september 4, 2013

Glasses Case Features Customer's Faces On The Brand Packaging

The eyewear brand grafik:plastic featured photos of wearers on the paper slips inside cases to show how glasses can change a person’s face.

Design & Architecture august 30, 2013

Big Mac Packaging Eliminates The Takeout Bag [Pics]

Industrial design student Rob Bye thought up a new type of concept McDonald’s box which attaches a paper cup holder to the outside.

Advertising july 19, 2013

Tea Box Designs Composed From The Leaves Inside [Pics]

TripTea hired Andrew Gorkovenko to create packaging illustrating exotic landscapes using loose leaves.

Cities june 4, 2013

Coca-Cola Can Smiles Back At Drinkers [Video]

As part of the brand's Open Happiness campaign, McCann modified the drink opening to make it look jovial.

Design & Architecture may 29, 2013

Diving Watch Comes Packaged In A Bag Of Water

To highlight its moisture resistant design, the Festina Profundo watch is sold in clear bags filled with liquid.

Work april 25, 2013

Limited Edition Andy Warhol Perrier Bottles

The four unique label designs were inspired by the artist's vibrant screen prints made in the 1980s.

Advertising march 22, 2013

Pepsi Unveils New Branding

The new bottle shape has a twisted grip at the bottom, a shorter neck, and a smaller label with greater focus on the logo.

Technology january 29, 2013

Jeans Brand Branches Out Into Denim iPhone Accesories

Lucky Jeans reveals some early prototype designs for their expanding line, which includes cases and headphones.

Design & Architecture january 25, 2013

Packaging Eliminates Waste By Becoming Part Of The Product

Student Aaron Mickelson's project 'The Disappearing Package' includes soap packaging that dissolves in the shower.


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