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Design & Architecture january 23, 2013

McDonald’s Offer Access To Nutrition Facts With QR Code Packaging

The fast food giant is rolling out a new global packaging design that offers information and communicates ‘brand stories’.

Design & Architecture december 14, 2012

Burger Chain Replaces Plastic Wrapping With Edible Packaging

Fast food chain Bob’s in Brazil wrapped their hamburgers in edible paper so customers could eat them straight away.

Retail september 14, 2012

Decorative Wine Packaging Identifies Which Wine To Buy For Various Occasions [Pics]

Stranger & Stranger has designed labels for wine bottles with recipes, art, and quotes adorning a sleeve, making it visually appealing to the consumer and telling when to buy each bottle.

Work september 7, 2012

Now You Can Buy Your Own Cube Of New York City Garbage

Whether its pink confetti from the city's same-sex marriage celebration or left-over energy drink bottles, a piece of New York can now be yours thanks to artist Justin Gignac.

Innovation september 6, 2012

Finally, A Condom You Can Unwrap With One Hand

London-based designer Benjamin Pawle creates a condom wrapper that doesn't require two hands. All we can ask is, 'Why did it take so long?'

Retail july 12, 2012

How Tetra-Pak Grew Into The World’s Largest Packaging Company [Headlines]

The company had over 12.7 billion euros in revenue in 2011.

Mobile may 23, 2012

Special Edition Red Bull Can Featuring Renowned Stunt Driver

Design boutique I Love Dust illustrates the redesigned can depicting the world-famous Travis Pastrana.

Luxury april 23, 2012

Street Artist Redesigns Luxury Caviar Packaging

Graffiti artist, André Saraiva adds his own spin on Caviar Kaspia's brand with new limited-edition designs.

Technology april 18, 2012

48-Hour Heineken Lockdown Stimulates Innovation From Industrial Designer

Janne Kyttanen kicks off a competition aiming to redefine beer packaging, sustainability, materials and transport strategies.

Syndicated april 18, 2012

Triple Pundit: Kraft Goes Green By Reducing Packaging

The company is focusing in on sustainability having eliminated 12.5 million travel miles from their operations.

Arts & Culture april 16, 2012

Renowned Tattoo Artist Unveils Premium Car Products

Mister Cartoon has released a collection called Sanctiond, with hand drawn package design and cutting edge product formulation.

Advertising april 13, 2012

Fabric Wine Labels Are Inviting To Touch [Pics]

Eyal Baumert branding studio offers a different packaging design for bottles of alcohol.

Design & Architecture april 11, 2012

Wine Bottle Design Lets You And Three Friends Share A Glass

Stacked Wines package their product in four stemless containers made of high-quality plastic.

Sustainability march 27, 2012

Smart Cartons Change Color When Milk Spoils

Tetra Pak has designed packaging with an embedded chip that will let you know when your milk has been out of the fridge too long.


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