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Gaming & Play september 20, 2016

Abandoned Paintings Turned Into Awesome Video Game Masterpieces

Dave Pollot, a software developer by day, adds pop culture icons into forgotten pieces of artwork

Technology august 2, 2016

Adobe's Virtual Oil Paint Simulator Adds Texture To Your Screen

The program allows for 3D drawings to be digitally-rendered in real-time

Gaming & Play june 29, 2016

Ordinary Billiard Balls Transformed Into Emojis

An artist has created a hand-painted set of 'Poolmojis' that make the game even more entertaining

Syndicated june 28, 2016

How Two Great Artists Painted Sex And Death

In works 40 years apart, both titled Between the Clock and the Bed, two great artists handled humanity’s twin concerns

Travel june 20, 2016

Photographer Reimagines Subway Commuters As 16th Century Paintings

A U.K. artist is turning his secret portraits of train riders into recreations of classical artwork

Syndicated june 16, 2016

Photographer Reveals The Unseen Flip-Sides Of The World's Most Famous Paintings

From the Mona Lisa to Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has exposed—literally—the nuts and bolts of centuries-old masterpieces

Home march 17, 2016

The 10 Best Places for Reflection

From Reykjavik to Tate Modern, we look at spaces to inspire contemplation

Work october 5, 2015

See Beyoncé, Miley and More as iPad-Painted Portraits

Artist Jeremy Martin creates colorful celebrity pop art portraits directly on his tablet

Work may 11, 2015

Artist with Entangled Senses Paints Musical Explosions

Melissa McCracken creates artwork based on how she sees songs—a unique perspective she has due to a sensory phenomenon

Arts & Culture october 30, 2014

Project Helps Disabled Individuals Create Paintings with Their Brain

The Mind Art Project combines art and science to help raise awareness and support for the handicapped population

Design & Architecture october 1, 2014

Adult Toy Companies Add Abstract Art to Sexual Experience

We-Vibe, Love is Art pair up to create app-enabled sexual art kit

Sustainability september 23, 2014

Light Paint Shirts in Real-Time

Illuminated Apparel unveils clothing inspired by phosphorescence

Innovation july 1, 2014

Famous Dutch Paintings Glow With Renewed Colors Thanks To LED Lighting

The refurbished museum features classic paintings once again.

Arts & Culture may 27, 2014

MIT Develops A Way To Restore Art Masterpieces Without Touching Them

A damaged Rothko at Harvard University has been transformed using only light.


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