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Work july 8, 2014

Jan Frank: How A Gangster Of Love Walks The Fine Line Of Literalism & Abstraction

NYC artist talks about his latest work at the Nahmad Contemporary Gallery.

Work january 22, 2014

Dali-Inspired Animated Portraits Feature Melting Faces [Video]

Haunting portraits by Donato Sansone reference the classic style of the artistic master.

Cities august 29, 2013

Middle East Street Art Shines A Light On Political And Social Upheaval

Artist and activist responds to the disruption throughout his country in an unusually powerful way.

Technology august 19, 2013

Emojis Inject Humor Into Traditional Artistic Masterpieces [Pics]

Classic paintings get infused with a modern form of communication.

Advertising august 7, 2013

QR Code Murals Turn The East Village Into A Giant Scavenger Hunt [Pics]

New street art project is the perfect combination of art and technology.

Gaming & Play july 25, 2013

Surrealist Paintings Reimagined As Super Mario Game Scenes [Pics]

Famous artworks get mashed up with iconic game scenarios.

Home july 15, 2013

Fly Digestion Turns Blank Canvases Into Abstract Art [Pics]

Artist John Knuth used over 250,000 of the common insects for a series of paintings, feeding them a mixture of sugar, water and colored pigments.

Technology june 27, 2013

Book Turns Weather Data Into Watercolor Paintings

Eyes On The Sky is a book of watercolors that are created from photo data collected from camera across Europe.

Home june 14, 2013

Julian Schnabel Opens Public Gallery In His Home

The new space 'Casa del Popolo' will first feature six paintings by artist Nick Mead.

Arts & Culture april 25, 2013

3D Printed Paintings For The Blind

A new way to make art more accessible for the visually impaired.

Work october 5, 2012

Hang A Virtual, Classic Masterpiece In Your Home

A new augmented reality app called Pocket Art Gallery lets you select artwork from galleries around the UK and hang them in your surroundings.

Advertising august 28, 2012

Shepard Fairey Collaborates With Neil Young For Americana Album [Pics]

The designer, famous for creating the iconic Obama campaign image, has created a painting for each track on the singer's new album, which features reinterpreted classic American folk songs.

Design & Architecture july 24, 2012

Photographer Captures The Real-Life Houses From Edward Hopper's Paintings [Headlines]

The houses Edward Hopper painted today, in real-life, as photographed by Gail Albert Halaban.

Technology july 10, 2012

Artist Recreates Historic Cultural Moments Using Star Wars Characters

A photographer's curious yearlong project shares a refreshing perspective on some of the photos and paintings that moved the world.


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