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Mobile august 5, 2016

Pantone’s New Service Turns The World Into A Color Palette

The app uses your phone's tech to create a mobile chip book that captures the shades and hues of your surroundings

Automotive august 1, 2016

Bentley And Pantone Team Up For ‘Colors Of The Year’ Convertibles

The ultra-upscale car company and color authority produced two Continental GT's in shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity

Food june 27, 2016

Pantone Cafe Brings Together Dining And Design

A very Instagram-friendly eatery has opened in Monaco for the second year in a row

Design & Architecture march 30, 2016

Color-Coded Pantone Beer Packaging Lets You Know What’s in the Can

Pantone meets beer in this sleek and eye-catching packaging design

Work february 29, 2016

Behind the Rebrand of NYC’s Museum of Sex

An intimate look at how the museum is using design to prove it's more than a peep show

Technology february 3, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Give It Up For Alphabet, Disney and Donald Trump

Kickstart your day with news from Disney, Google and WhatsApp

Retail december 10, 2015

Sephora Transforms PANTONE’s Twin Colors into a Pastel Makeup Collection

2016's Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, inspired these lip gloss, lipstick and eyeshadow hues

Home december 4, 2015

Pantone Partners With Street Artists to Drive #ColorOfTheYear Awareness

Selecting two colors as their PANTONE Color of the Year for the first time, the trend company took to Instagram to show off their collaboration with artists Man One, Victor Quinonez, and Werc Alvarez

Luxury december 3, 2015

Tealeaves x Pantone Collaboration Results in Visual and Culinary Delights

World-renowned chefs and mixologists reinvent cocktail and culinary experiences through PaletteForYourPalate exhibit

Design & Architecture august 25, 2015

210 New Tones of Eye Candy—Courtesy of Pantone

After careful research, the experts at Pantone have settled on new colors that will take over design, fashion and more this year

Retail august 6, 2015

A Vibrant Cafe Where There’s a Color for Every Item

Taste the rainbow, or have a Black Coffee 19-1111, at the Pantone Cafe, where every menu item was inspired by a color on Pantone's color space

Design & Architecture june 5, 2015

What if FC Barcelona Jerseys Were Sponsored By Pantone?

Graphic designer Paulo Oliveira imagined the brand re-creating popular club uniforms

Work may 13, 2015

Photographing Every Skin Tone in the World

An on-going photography project takes portraits of strangers and matches their skin tone to a unique Pantone color

Mobile january 8, 2015

iOS Keyboard Inspired By Pantone Colors

Brightkey, which provides an alternative keyboard for Apple devices, will deliver colorful and seasonally-aware themes


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