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[News] New micro thick flexible e-paper from Sweden able to display full color range
Design & Architecture august 18, 2016

Unique Shareable Content Created Using Just Paper

Australia's first Vine production studio created a series about making recipes using animated inedible food

Technology july 28, 2016

Designer Rethinks The Function Of The Humble Printer

Ludwig Rensch has created a portable, paper-saving version of the ubiquitous product

Design & Architecture may 23, 2016

Intricately Designed Wigs Made From Nothing But Paper

Origami falls short compared to this Russian artist's method of creating paper wigs

Work february 3, 2016

Nendo's New Stationary Set is Almost Too Beautiful to Use

Minimal paper goods give a sculptural twist to common office objects

IoT september 18, 2014

Cut And Fold Modern Furniture Inspired by Papercraft Creativity

Space-saving options for people with tiny apartments in expensive cities

Advertising september 10, 2014

Intricately Crafted Paper Advertising Briefs Inspired By South African Job Bags

We Sent Their Briefs Back aims to eradicate the traditional move of sending portfolio and credentials via USB drive

Design & Architecture august 28, 2014

Waterproof Paper Company for Rainy Writing Conditions

'Rite in the Rain' products were designed with the wet Pacific Northwest weather in mind

Technology february 28, 2014

Physical Scrolls Create Everlasting Memories From Text Exchanges [Video]

New project gives a second life to mobile messages.

Home february 14, 2014

Sound Installation Breathes Life Into Everyday Objects [Video]

Artist creates a beautifully abstract presentation from the most mundane contraptions.

Innovation february 6, 2014

Functional Keyboard Can Be Printed Onto A Sheet Of Paper

Clunky input devices will soon be extinct thanks to this new technology.

Technology january 30, 2014

Facebook Releases App To Organize News Feeds

The social media giant's new Paper reader will take stories from user's feeds and display them in an image-heavy, ad-free way.

Work december 20, 2013

Hand-Cut Portraits Transform Human Faces Into Warped Sculpture [Pics]

These abstracted human faces, believe it or not, are real-life sculptures.

Mobile november 19, 2013

Stylus Gives Digital Sketches The Feeling Of Real Paper [Pics]

FiftyThree's newest stylus lets users erase and blend their drawings when using the Paper app.


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