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Intricately Designed Wigs Made From Nothing But Paper

Nendo’s New Stationary Set is Almost Too Beautiful to Use

Cut And Fold Modern Furniture Inspired by Papercraft Creativity

Intricately Crafted Paper Advertising Briefs Inspired By South African Job Bags

Waterproof Paper Company for Rainy Writing Conditions

Physical Scrolls Create Everlasting Memories From Text Exchanges [Video]

Sound Installation Breathes Life Into Everyday Objects [Video]

Functional Keyboard Can Be Printed Onto A Sheet Of Paper

Facebook Releases App To Organize News Feeds

Hand-Cut Portraits Transform Human Faces Into Warped Sculpture [Pics]

Stylus Gives Digital Sketches The Feeling Of Real Paper [Pics]

Sliding Pieces Of Paper Generate Usable Energy [Pics]

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