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Work october 24, 2013

Everyday Objects Crafted From Sandpaper Question Society's Idea Of Comfort [Pics]

Artist Mandy Smith uses the rough product to craft realistic, 3D renderings of mundane items like a bra and a bike.

Work july 16, 2013

Intricate Dioramas Staged Within Toilet Paper Rolls [Pics]

Anastassia Elias creates highly detailed paper scenes inside the empty tubes.

Advertising june 26, 2013

McDonalds’ Releases Happy Meal Boxes That Double As Intricate Paper Sculptures [Pics]

Detailed dioramas are the latest advertising effort aimed at promoting reading in young children.

Home march 26, 2013

Agency Briefs Transformed Into Intricate Paper Sculptures [Video]

To illustrate their design talent, TBWA in Johannesburg decided to send concept ideas back as various designs that fit the client's needs.

Gaming & Play january 21, 2010

(Pics) "There Is A Basic Human Need For Real, Analog And Touchable Things"

Florian Busco aims to conjure feelings of chunky, analog nostalgia through his gadget sculptures.


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